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Students in grades 5-8 may participate in the Catholic School Interscholastic Sports Program, which offers sports competition between local diocesan junior highs.
Sports Offered
Any student wishing to participate in sports who has met the eligibility requirements may play.  No prior or outside experience is required, and there are no try-outs.
  • All necessary forms must be completed and turned in to the school before a student is eligible to attend practice.
  • Forms must be on file by the deadline date given on the school calendar for each sport in order to participate in that sport.
  • Students must have a complete physical (Diocesan Health Report) before participating in a sports program; this physical must be done every year and cannot be completed earlier than the June 1 preceding the current school year.
  • Student athletes must maintain a passing average in all subjects; grades are checked at regular intervals to determine eligibility to play.
  • There is a $50 annual athletics fee per student to cover participation in all diocesan sports, including tournaments; this fee does not include football played through Fort Worth Youth Christian League
St. Rita School sports program depends on student interest and volunteer coaches. If either of these are absent for a sport, St. Rita School will not offer it that year.  Coaches must have completed the diocesan Virtus Safe Environment Awareness training as well as the Play Like A Champion program prior to coaching a team.  If you would like to coach a team and/or need information on trainings, please contact the school office.  We need you!
Parents, siblings, friends, and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend athletic events. Diocesan policy requires all spectators (adults and children) to remain in the gym during basketball and volleyball games. Children are to be supervised by parents at all times. As the primary educator, parents are expected to demonstrate good sportsman-like behavior and not confront referees or coaches.
View/Download the St. Rita Sports Program Handbook

Volunteers Wanted

Sign up to earn volunteer hours by working in the concession stand during home games in our gym this season.

August 20 - Tuesday
06:30 PM - 07:30 PM