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Our Mission

We are dedicated to giving glory to God by passing on to our students the teachings and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church while providing a quality education in a nurturing and diverse environment.


Our Philosophy

We believe: 

  • Everyone is a child of God, capable of great goodness and called to serve others.
  • Gospel values must be interwoven into teaching all subjects to help form good stewards who will be morally responsible and productive citizens.
  • The body is a temple of God to be nurtured spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally and socially in a Catholic environment.
  • The curriculum must be taught so that it provides the skills and concepts needed by the students to be successful at all grade levels and to form lifelong learners.

Our Goals

We strive:
To assist the family in the religious and formal education of their children.
To teach students to make good choices and to be responsible for their actions.
To provide students the foundation needed to successfully continue their education.
To develop students into good stewards in their faith, neighborhood, and global communities.
To form students who can succeed in a culturally diverse world.

Our Creed

This is our school.
Let peace dwell here.
Let the room be full of contentment.
Let love abide here:
Love one another,
Love of mankind,
Love of life itself,
And love of God.
Let our prayers lead to world peace
So that peace may prevail on earth.