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7th Grade

7th Grade

Seventh Grade is a haven for thinkers, poets, storytellers, comedians, artists, readers, and dreamers. Students will apply all they have learned in their previous years of learning and add their own creativity and individuality to their work as they prepare to become leaders at our school.
English/Language Arts
Students read various forms of texts in order to answer the question, "Who does God call me to be?" They respond to a wide variety of writing prompts daily to strengthen writing and critical thinking skills and become the well-rounded individual God calls them to be.
Literary Analysis
Expository Writing
The Memoir
Persuasive Writing and Research
Drama Study
Short Stories
Nonfiction/Media Analysis
Novel Studies
Poetry Analysis
Students are placed in either Math 7 or Pre-Algebra.
Math 7
Introduction to Algebra
Linear Equations and Functions
Ratios and Proportions
Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Resource: Glencoe McGraw-Hill; Math Connections Course 2
Problem solving skills
Algebra and Integers
Algebra and Rational Numbers
Linear Equations, Inequalities & Functions
Applying Algebra to Geometry
Resource: Glencoe McGraw-Hill; Pre-Algebra
Life Science
Force and motion
Gravity and Kinetic energy
Science Fair Project
Resource: FOSS
Social Studies
First Semester:
Emperors and Madmen
The Blood of Martyrs
The Christian Empire
Germanic kingdoms
Resource: Light to the Nations
Second Semester:
Texas: A Unique Environment
Native Texans to European Colonization
Revolution and Republic of Texas
Statehood, The Civil War & Reconstruction
Geography: People, Places, Economies, and Resources
Current Events
Resource: Celebrating Texas, Honoring the Past and Building the Future
Introduction to the Foundation of our Faith
Vocation and Ministry
Introduction to the Gospel Writers
The Historical Jesus and His Public Ministry

Fruits and Gifts of the Church

Enrichment Courses

Students enjoy classes in art, physical education, music, Spanish, and technology.