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Uniforms at St. Rita Catholic School contribute to our sense of community and belonging. The purpose of a uniform policy is to promote unity and minimize individual differences that interfere with community building and academic instruction.  Students should understand that their appearance affects not only how they are perceived by others, but also the pride they have in themselves. Whenever they are in uniform, students represent themselves, their family and the St. Rita community. Students who abide by and adhere to the intent of the uniform policy learn that following the rules and showing respect for your community are important values.

All students must follow the uniform policy. The administration reserves the right to send home any student who is dressed improperly. In all cases, uniform decisions and interpretations remain with the administration.

Families are encouraged to donate their uniforms in good condition to the uniform closet.  Families may purchase used uniforms during normal school office hours.

Girls Dress Uniform Preschool-4th Grade
Girls Dress Uniform 5th-8th Grade
Boys Dress Uniform Preschool & Kindergarten
Boys Dress Uniform K-8th Grade
Daily Uniform Preschool & Kindergarten
Daily Uniform K-5th Grade
Daily Uniform 6th-8th Grade

Dress Uniform

Dress uniform is required for all students when attending Mass on Fridays or Holy Days and other special occasions.  You will be given advance notice when dress uniform is required outside of usual Friday Mass.

Long or short sleeve girl’s white button-up blouse worn tucked in
Short or ¾ sleeve, white fitted overblouse (5th-8th grades only)
Plaid jumper (preschool-4th grade only)
Long plaid skirt with multiple pleats (5th-8th grades only)
Acrylic V-neck red cardigan (during cold weather, sweatshirts not permitted on dress uniform days)
Red continental snap cross-tie
Modesty shorts underneath skirt or jumper
Solid white knee socks or white tights in cold months
Black leather, closed toe & heel, flat dress shoes
Short or long sleeve boy’s white oxford with button down collar
Navy elastic waist pull-on pants (preschool & kindergarten)
Navy pleated twill pants (kindergarten-8th grade)
Solid or braided black, navy, or brown belt – no ornament or decorative buckles
Acrylic V-neck red cardigan (during cold weather, sweatshirts not permitted on dress uniform days)
Red adjustable tie with embroidered logo (preschool-5th grade)
Red standard tie with embroidered logo (6th-8th grade)
Solid navy or black crew socks, at least 1” above the ankle
Black leather dress shoes
  • Please note:  Both elastic pull on pants and pants with belt loops are allowed in kindergarten. The uniform belt must be worn if pants have belt loops.
Daily Non-Dress Uniform

Any and all parts of the dress uniform may be worn any day.  Students may wear these additional items on days when dress uniform is not required.

Short or long sleeve pique polo in hunter green with school logo
Long or short sleeve oxfords or blouses, with plain collars and sleeves
Green St. Rita sweatshirt (not permitted on dress uniform days)
Navy elastic pull-on shorts (preschool & kindergarten)
Navy pleated twill walking shorts (K-8th grade)
Khaki pleated twill walking shorts (6th-8th grade)
Plaid jumper or pleated skirt
Solid or braided black, navy, or brown belt – no ornament or decorative buckles
Solid white, navy or black socks, visible above shoes or white or black tights in winter
Athletic shoes – at least 75% of shoes must be white, black, or gray; no neon colored laces and no high-tops, lights, or characters
  • Please note: Only Saint Rita sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets may be worn in the classrooms.

General Uniform Guidelines

  • Students' names should be on all garments with permanent ink or sewn-in name tags.
  • Students must enter and leave the school grounds in proper uniform.
  • All students are required to have their shirts tucked in while on the school campus.
  • All clothing must fit properly, not too tight or too big.
  • Ties are to be neatly knotted at the neck and the top shirt button must be buttoned.
  • Pants must be worn at the natural waist and must be the proper length. They must reach the back of the shoe and they may not drag on the floor, or bunch up on the foot.
  • Shorts/skirts must touch the top of knee; this requirement also applies to shorts and skirts worn on free dress days.
  • Belts must fit properly with no extra length extending below the waist.
  • Modesty shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers in all grades.
  • All clothing must be neat and in good repair. No holes, tears or extremely faded or discolored items are acceptable.
  • Shoes that require laces must be laced and tied. Athletic shoes must be worn during PE class.
  • Velcro or slip-on shoes are required until the child is able to tie his or her own shoe.
  • Undershirts and any undergarment worn beneath blouses and shirts must be completely white, with no designs, lettering or pictures and must not be visible; long sleeve undershirts may not be worn with short sleeve shirts.
  • Only Saint Rita sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets may be worn in the classroom.
  • Hair must be of a natural color and style that does not hinder learning or distract other students.
  • Natural hair color is his/her God-given color; it is age appropriate that students do not color or highlight their hair.
  • No fad haircuts, mohawks, tails, or shaved designs are permitted.
  • Spiked hair may be no longer than one inch high.
  • Boys’ hair must be above the eyebrows and collar and no longer than mid-ear.
  • Boys’ sideburns are to be no longer than mid-ear.
  • Boys must be clean-shaven.
  • Girls’ bangs must be above the eyebrows; hair must be secured away from the face and out of the eyes. 
Jewelry and Make-up
  • Students are permitted to wear one watch, one simple necklace with a religious medal or cross, and one pair of small stud earrings; any additional jewelry is not permitted and can be dangerous during times of physical activity.
  • Earrings must be located on the ear lobe with only one earring per lobe; earrings may not be hoop style or extend below the ear lobe.
  • No student may wear or bring make-up to school. Only clear nail polish is permitted. No acrylic nails or tips of any kind are allowed.
  • Body piercing and temporary or permanent tattoos are not permitted.
Special Dress Days
Periodically, we will have free dress or special themed dress days for the students. These days will be announced in advance. All clothing items should always reflect the virtue of modesty.
  • All tops must have sleeves and must completely cover the chest and midriff when arms are raised above the head.
  • Clothes that are tight-fitting (including leggings and jeggings) or that are see-through are never permitted.
  • No clothing with inappropriate slogans, pictures, words, or gang affiliations are allowed.
  • Torn or battered clothing is not permitted.
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts must reach the top of the knee.
  • Closed toe shoes and socks must be worn at all times; sandals and flip flops are not allowed on any school day due to safety concerns.
  • If it is a PE day, tennis shoes must be worn for PE. 
Spirit Dress
Most Thursdays are Spirit Dress Days. Students may wear any St. Rita affiliated T-shirt or sweatshirt (i.e. spirit shirts purchased through the school office or Mrs. Bolliger, class shirts, International Fair, parish, youth group, etc.) All shirts must fit properly, be in good repair and not faded. Students must wear uniform shorts, pants or skirt, and shirts must be tucked in at all times.
Uniforms must be purchased through
FlynnO'Hara Uniforms
1121 Oakland Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76103
(817) 292-5437
Spirit shirts and sweatshirts
may be purchased in the school office