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Handbook & Policies

Student/Parent Handbook

The purpose of the handbook is to provide important information to all students and parents regarding school policies and procedures, academic and behavior expectations, and extracurricular programs, so the school and families can work together to facilitate students' spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development. 
The Student/Parent Handbook is updated annually during each summer.  The administration also retains the right to amend the handbook with just cause, and all parents and students will be notified in writing of any revisions made in this manner.  The current version is always available on the website for reference.
In accordance with the Diocese of Fort Worth Catholic Schools Office, parents are asked for their signature during the annual Enrollment/Reenrollment online process signifying an understanding, acceptance, and willingness to comply with rules and procedures.  Any questions or concerns over any of the included material should be directed to the principal.
St. Rita Catholic School appreciates your support in teaching students the value of respecting rules.