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Financial Aid FAQs

Financial Aid FAQs 2022-2023

Do you have financial aid available?
St. Rita Catholic School is pleased to offer tuition assistance for families desiring a Catholic education but cannot pay the full tuition. Our funding is limited, so all families qualifying for assistance are asked to pay a minimum of half the full tuition rate (~$325/mo).
How do you determine if I qualify for financial aid?
The Diocese of Fort Worth uses FACTS, a third party application process, to assess the financial need of each family. Then, a financial aid committee reviews data from FACTS along with the school’s available resources to determine each family’s total financial aid award package each year.
What is required to be eligible for financial aid?
You must complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application online AND complete the enrollment process to receive a financial aid award. Further, your family must agree to complete the 30 volunteer service hours during the school year as well as commit to maintaining an excellent attendance record with limited tardies and absences. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in losing future financial aid awards.
When can I apply for financial aid?
Now. In fact, the sooner you apply, the more resources will be available for us to assist you. Priority is given to applications submitted by Wednesday, March 26, 2022.
How much financial aid will I receive?
Each family’s financial aid package depends on a variety of factors and circumstances. Until the committee can review application data and available funding, an exact award cannot be determined. As mentioned above, families should expect to pay a minimum of half the full tuition rate (~$325/mo).
When will I be notified of my financial aid award?
The financial aid committee works to distribute awards by June 2022. Only families who have submitted the FACTS Grant & Aid application, uploaded all required documentation, AND completed enrollment will be eligible to receive financial aid.
Why do I have to complete enrollment before finding out my financial aid award?
St. Rita Catholic School makes every effort to meet the family’s financial needs. Because we are working with limited funding, we cannot offer aid without an upfront financial commitment from families.
Why do I have to apply for financial aid every year?
The financial situations of families as well as the school are always changing. In order to ensure the process is as fair and sustainable as possible, families seeking tuition assistance must re-apply each year at the time of enrollment.
Is this process confidential?
Yes. The financial aid committee is the only group aware of any financial information. Likewise, we require families to uphold this confidentiality. Award amounts are not to be discussed with other families or staff members.