Elementary Grades 1-5

1st Grade

The 1st Grade curriculum is composed of many challenging academic subjects. For example, Religion classes focus on creation, signs of God, and how the students can become more like God. Language Arts is composed of Reading activities in the Scott Foresman reader including learning consonants, vowels, and blends in Phonics, and sentence structure in Grammar. The study of Mathematics include addition/subtraction skills and utilizing them in measuring, counting money, and telling time. The 1st graders like to demonstrate their learning through creative expression such as writing stories and book reports, sharing show and tell items, and making art projects.

2nd Grade

Second grade is an adventuresome year!  Animal habitats, weather, and matter are just a few of our units in science.  Mathematics brings the class into addition and subtraction with regrouping and an introduction to multiplication. Writing is a priority in English class. And most importantly, we READ, READ, READ!

This is a very special year in Religion.  The 2nd graders prepare and receive their First Penance and first Holy Communion.  So, throughout the year we grow in knowledge and spirituality.

3rd Grade

3rd grade is a time for mastery of skills learned in 1st and 2nd grade. Mathematics focus on multiplication and geometry, Language Arts emphasize mastery in decoding and encoding skills. Social Studies focus on geographical components and several Native American tribes. Science develops knowledge of plant and animal life cycles. And then, tying everything together, is Religion which brings faith into the students' lives.

4th Grade

In 4th grade, students spend time on the core curriculum which includes Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In Mathematics, the students concentrate on long division and fractions. Language Arts center around the eight parts of speech and their usage. 

The greatest challenge for 4th grade students is to learn they are no longer in primary grades, and to prepare for middle school. Self-discipline, good citizenship, and motivation are key elements that are taught in 4th grade.

5th Grade

Grade 5 is a time to reflect upon the outside world and our responsibility to be the person God intends all of us to be. Through Vocation awareness, the students extend their views of how God may be calling on each of us, and to see how we can reach out to help the world. 

5th grade students are required to implement higher order thinking skills as they move from concrete to abstract ideas.