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Wildcat Challenge 2018

6th Grade Basketball Tournament

Adults $12.00/tournament or $5.00/game
Students $2.00/game
Concessions available for purchase
Girls Schedule

Wed  11/28  6:00pm  SMG vs SAS BLACK
Thurs 11/29  5:00pm  SAS RED vs SMG
Fri     11/30  6:00pm  SAS BLK vs SAS RED
Sat    12/1   1:00pm  SAS RED vs SMG

Home team listed first wears light colored jersey and sits to the left of scorer’s table when facing court.

Boys Schedule

Tournament Rules

  • Teams play four 10 minute quarters with a running clock and 3 minute half time
  • 2 timeouts per half that cannot be carried over
  • All players must play a minimum of 6 minutes per game
  • No pressing at all - full or half court - when leading by 10 points or more. Defense must drop back within 3 point line. Coach will be given two warnings before technical fouls assessed.
  • Game clock stops on all dead balls in last 60 seconds of the game if point spread is less than 10 points; should the game reach a 10 point spread or greater during final minute, game clock will run without stopping for remainder of game
  • Game clock will run continuously when one team holds a 20 point lead in second half
  • Overtime, if needed
    • 3 minute continuous clock
    • 1 timeout per overtime
    • 2nd overtime: Sudden Death with a jump ball
Map & Directions

All games played in the gym/Parish Center behind the school and church
712 Weiler Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76112

Volunteers Wanted

Sign up here to earn volunteer hours by working in the concession stand during the tournament.