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Grading Scale

Core Curriculum Grades 1-8
A = 94 - 100
B = 86 - 93
C = 76 - 85
D = 70 - 75
F = Below 70
Conduct, Spanish, Music, Technology, and Physical Education
E = Excellent
G = Good
S = Satisfactory
N = Needs Improvement
U = Unsatisfactory


Honor Roll

Principal’s Honor Roll
A and E in all subjects
A – B Honor Roll
A, B, E and G in all subjects
In grades 6-8, a student can be on the honor roll with 1 “N” on a report card. A student cannot be on the honor roll with two “N’s” or a “U” on the report card.
In grades 1-5, a student cannot be on the honor roll with a “N” or “U” in conduct.
Honor Convocation
Students receive honor certificates each quarter for honor roll status. Convocation is held the Friday after report cards are distributed in the church immediately following 8am Mass.